Welcome to the Robogals Science Challenge 2018!

Subscription through this form provides access to the Robogals Science Challenge 2018 materials. We have curated 36 projects covering 12 disciplines of STEM in each of the age categories.

Participants who wish to enter the final judging round should complete and submit a minimum of 3 projects throughout the competition. These include 2 Minor Challenges and 1 Major Challenge. 

For those who have attended a SED event, you are already registered to compete in the Robogals Science Challenge. The SED covers the requisite 2 minor challenge requirement. All that's left to do is figure out what you want to do for the major challenge and submit them through the link in our previous email.

Teachers, to register more than 2 girls under your care, please fill out this spreadsheet and email to scichal@robogals.org. [Link: tinyurl.com/yatot5ou]

If you have any questions, reach our team via email, Facebook or visit our website. We look forward to receiving your entries!
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Students can enter the competition alone or in pairs.
Students can enter the competition alone or in pairs.
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