Welcome to the Robogals Science Challenge 2018 registration form!
This form registers for both the Science and Engineering Day (SED) workshops and the competition itself. There is no obligation to complete all aspects of the Robogals Science Challenge.

The Robogals Science Challenge runs from 02 APRIL to 28 JULY, 2018.
There are 2 parts to the Robogals Science Challenge:
minor challenges and major challenge submissions.
Minor Challenges can be completed at home or by participating in one of our SEDs hosted by Robogals chapters across Australia. Students will then complete a major challenge of their own design and present their findings in a video submission.
To be eligible for the final judging, students will need to complete and submit two Minor Challenges and a Major Challenge. 

Teachers, to register more than 2 girls under your care, please fill out this spreadsheet and email to scichal@robogals.org. [Link: tinyurl.com/yatot5ou]

If you have any questions, reach our team via email, Facebook or visit our website
We look forward to receiving your entries! 
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Students can enter the competition alone or in pairs.
Students can enter the competition alone or in pairs.
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